What is 360NetImpact?

Leadership in a VUCA World

360NetImpact is a 360 assessment tool designed to develop leaders who operate in a VUCA world – Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous.

Like their organisation, leaders in a VUCA world need reliable data to be able to forecast and adapt quickly to what is happening. In a rapidly changing high risk environment historical data may be unhelpful as a predictor of future leadership capability. Reliable data must be provided in real time for leaders so that can quickly identify problems and take action.

Real Time Feedback

360Netimpact will help you do this. It is based on good practice principles of giving feedback. It provides real time data about the impact your leadership is having on others.

Your 360NetImpact respondents will describe

  • a situation in which you showed leadership
  • your behaviour
  • your impact

Multiple respondents, describing multiple experiences of your leadership will provide you with a dynamic picture of your impact.

360NetImpact Leadership Practices

The 360NetImpact asks respondents to describe an actual experience of you as a leader and then interpret your impact against a range of leadership practices:

  1. Motivation
  2. Approach
  3. Decision Making
  4. Communication
  5. Messaging
  6. Focus
  7. Contribution
  8. Your Development

360NetImpact Licensed Coaches

The purpose of 360NetImpact is to develop successful leaders who can create value for their organisation. Working with a coach to use this feedback means you can take immediate action to increase your leadership impact in line with your leadership goals.

360Netimpact has a list of licensed coaches who will guide you through the process.

360NetImpact Applications

360NetImpact is innovative, fast and simple to use. You and your respondents can complete it online or download the app on to your IoS or Android device. This enables continual inputting by respondents over a set period of time. This continuous feedback allows you to adapt your leadership and do more of what is effective.

360NetImpact Services

We offer a range of leadership development services:

  • 360NetImpact Standard Version: web-based or as an application
  • 360NetImpact Customised Version: bespoke to incorporate in house leadership practices
  • 360NetImpact Licensed Coaches: excellent coaches with bespoke resources to support you