How To Use It

360Netimpact is available to licensed coaches or organisations.

The steps in the process are:

Setup by the Licensed Coach

  • The coach will agree who to register for 360NetImpact
  • The coach will set up the order online for the number of leaders who are taking part and each leader receives a unique identifier and login details
  • The SenseMaker App can be downloaded onto smartphone or iPad

Respondents Information Provided by Leader

  • After logging into the website, leaders add their respondents' email addresses (click on "My respondents" in the sidebar)
  • When done entering their respondents' email addresses, leaders request an email to be sent to their respondents on a specified Monday to Friday start date (click on "Request sending" in the sidebar)
  • Before the start date, it is good practice to email your respondents to notify them to expect the invitation and explain what is involved (see sample introductory email)

Contacting Respondents

  • On the specified date, an email is sent to each the leader's respondents with a unique URL to access the 360NetImpact online system and provide feedback
  • Respondents can alternatively use the iOS or Android applications to provide feedback
  • The 360NetImpact is kept open for a specified period of time, typically 6 weeks
  • A reminder email will be sent after 2 and 5 weeks
  • Leaders can add additional respondents during the 6-week period which will be included in the reminder email invitations

Data Collection

  • Respondents are encouraged to submit as many leadership experiences as possible during the specified time frame
  • The respondent enters each experience of the leader they re rating – by typing text, uploading  a photo or a video, voice recording or a short video
  • Respondents interpret each experience against the set of leadership practices
  • Respondents are encouraged to submit as many leadership experiences as possible during the specified time frame of 6 weeks
  • 360NetImpact will monitor the response rate for each leader and send reminder prompts and updates to each leader about the volume of feedback that has been generated.
  • The target is for 100 pieces of feedback over a 6 week periods of time; this might be 100 responses providing one piece of feedback each or 5 people generating 20 etc

Feedback Report and Development Coaching

  • A 360NetImpact feedback report will be sent to the coach for each individual leader as a PDF visual report
  • It will also be available dynamically online for a limited time to enable them to interrogate the narratives and the patterns with their coach.
  • The 360NetImpact report will show:
    • The impact of your leadership on others.
    • How people experience you doing in different leadership scenarios
    • The extent to which you consistently use the same leadership practices or are able to adapt your style in different situations with different groups?
    • If the impact your leadership is having on others is the impact you wish to make.
  • The 360NetImpact coach will help the leader to  assess if their leadership impact is effective given:
    1. The leader’s context
    2. The leader’s strategic priorities
    3. The leader’s key relationships
  • The outcome from the coaching is a leadership development plan which will enable the leader to self-regulate, adapt or change their leadership practices to make a stronger impact in achieving their leadership goals.