How Is 360NetImpact Different?

Context is Everything

360NetImpact asks each respondent to describe recent real situation when they experienced your leadership. This narrative style approach of the 360NetImpact gives you insight into the impact you have on others. It provides you with a context for understanding your feedback.

Traditional 360 assessments ask respondents to measure a leader in the “abstract” against a set of behaviours or competences. Respondents base their score on a generalised view of the leader which is non specific and therefore as feedback is less helpful in providing insight.

Key Differences

Key differences between 360NetIpmact and Traditional 360s are summarised in the table below:


Other 360s

Narrative Based

Behavioural rating

Context specific

Abstract – context free

Continuous feedback

One off report

Interpretation of impact

Numerical scoring

Invites inquiry

Leads to judgement

Seeks rater engagement and hard to game

Risk of rater fatigue and “gaming”

Finds out rater leadership preference

No information about rater perspective

Insight led leadership development

Score led development planning

There is of course a place for traditional 360s particularly for first line leaders. The behavioural rating approach to 360 can highlight the need to develop certain leadership competences.

We believe though that leaders who operate in a complex world, need more insight how their leadership is impacting on others. By linking leadership impact to specific situations, 360NetImpact offers a richer source of feedback to use as a basis for planning development.

Evidence Base

Evidence shows that multi source feedback is effective if it is used for development, if the in interpretation is facilitated by a skilled coach, if the leader is motivated to develop and learn and the results are seen as valid.

The 360NetImpact has been developed with reference to current research on leadership development and multi source feedback. The approach builds on best practice.

Over the next few years 360NetImpact will build up a knowledge resource of the leadership practices that are emerging in a VUCA world.

This will provide evidence from experience of the emerging leadership practices that are most effective across a range of organisations and sectors. 360NetImpact will analyse the patterns that emerge across all the users over time and share this information with HR specialists and leadership development practitioners who are part of the 360NetImpact network.